OSTA Chamber Music Competition Winners 2018!

4 03 2018


Congratulations to all the fine participants as well as the winners of the OSTA 2018 Chamber Music Competition! More pictures posted on the OSTA Facebook Page!

1st Prize Senior: Geneva String Quartet
Daniel Wu, violin; Kelly Gambara, violin, Elizabeth Macintosh, viola; Isaiah Wu, violoncello
1st Prize Junior: Suave Quartet with 4-Way String Quartet
Allison Smith, violin; Adryan Rojas, violin; Jonah Tugaoen, viola; Dylan Cai, violoncello
2nd Prize Junior:  DAJJ Quartet with 4-Way String Quartet
Daniel Tai, violin; Anna Linder, violin, Julian Tugaoen, viola; Jackson Tomsic, violoncello



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