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Your ideas are valuable to our professional community.  Our mission is to enhance string education across the state of Ohio.  The best teachers are thoughtful and reflective learners, constantly prodding themselves to discover new solutions and ideas.  You are encouraged to share your expertise with our members.

The best newsletter articles usually begin with the simple question, “What do I want to know more about?”   A good way to brainstorm is to ask questions.  What has been done on this topic in the past?  What do I wish I knew?  What would be helpful for other teachers to know?  How did my students respond to my teaching when I made a change?

For even more fun, enlist the support of a colleague and co-author your great ideas!

For more information, to submit a manuscript, or if you need affirmation that your topic is a winner, please feel free to contact us.

Trista Emmons,

Eve Warner,

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